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Caucus Newsletter 6-29-12

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  • Most States Do Not Offer Free Health Care
  • Infused Drinks Legal on July 1
  • Unemployment Holds at 5.1%
  • Joseph Smith

    Branstad reported reported over $190,000 in income in 2011 including over $50,000 from IPERS while collecting over $116,000 in State Salary, and he is talking about being a good public servant by paying $2688 toward his insurance? This is less than 1.5% of his income. whereas it can be 10% or more of some state employee incomes. Before Branstad came back into office the state employees have given up far greater than 1.5% in wage freezes and furloughs. To continue collecting his full salary while he is drawing $50,000+ off IPERS is a far bigger waste of the taxpayers money than a custodian who’s compensation package includes insurance coverage. Talk about a hypocrite. If you want state employees to have skin in the game, you can negotiate that into the contract but it will be offset by an equal pay raise so that there total compensation package remains unchanged.