House Republican Committee Assignements for 2013 Announced

House Republicans have announced their committee assignments for the 2013/14 General Assembly. You can view the list of Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs after the break, or view the entire committee assignment document here.

Committee - Chair (Vice Chair)
Agriculture - Grassley (Klein)
Appropriations - Soderberg (Lofgren)
Commerce - Cownie (Brandenburg)
Economic Growth - Hanusa (Kaufmann)
Education - Jorgensen (Stanerson)
Environ Protection - Hein (Taylor, R.)
Human Resources - Miller L. (Bacon)
Judiciary - Baltimore (Hess)
Labor - Forristall (Sheets)
Local Government - Schultz (Heartsill)
Natural Resources - Rayhons (Fisher)
Public Safety - Baudler (Shaw)
State Gov’t - Vander Linden (Highfill)
Transportation - Byrnes (Moore)
Veterans Affairs - Alons (Salmon)
Ways & Means - Sands (Landon)
Admin/Reg Budget - Watts (Gassman)
Ag & NR Budget - Drake (Klein)
Eco Devo Budget - Deyoe (Kaufmann)
Education Budget - Dolecheck (Taylor, R.)
HHS Budget - Heaton (Costello)
Justice Budget - Worthan (Garrett)
Trans/Inf/Cap Budget - Huseman (Maxwell)
Gov’t Oversight - Koester (Heartsill)
Admin & Rules - Windschitl (Rogers)
Ethics - Smith J. (Shaw)
Admin Rules Review - Pettengill
International Relations - Lofgren
Legislative Council - Paulsen (VC)