House Republican Newsletter January 20th

A new January 2011 newsletter is available for viewing. Click the link below to see a PDF version.

newsletterCaucus Newsletter January 20, 2011

Included in this edition:

  • Taxpayers Come First in Iowa House
  • Iowa Joins Health Care Lawsuit
  • K2 Ban Needs to be Extended
  • Tim OBrien

    Health Care lawsuit
    Really? If someone exercises their choice not to purchase coverage what happens when they get sick or injured? They walk in to the nearest ER and get patched up. If they cannot pay, we pay due to higher insurance premiums or higher taxes. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? THEY DESERVE A CHOICE WHILE WE DON’T GET ONE? We pay for their care and don’t have a choice not to do so. Is that fair?

    They need to pay for their care, not shift it to us. They should not have a choice. They must buy insurance.