House Republican Newsletter- February 3, 2011

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Caucus Newsletter 2011-02-03

In this edition:

  • Review of the Governor’s Budget Proposal
  • House GOP Moves to Restrict EPC Rule Making Authority
  • Tax Relief Measures on the Move
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    • Tim OBrien

      Allowable Growth for Schools
      Please clarify this sentence;

      “The corresponding property tax increase
      due to 0% is a short term issue that
      won’t reach taxpayers because the state
      will pay the bill”.

      I may have just fallen off of the banana boat but unless I am badly mis-informed, where does the state get the money except from taxpayers.

      Really, this is true? “It won’t reach taxpayers because the state
      will pay the bill”.

      You are just shifting the cost.

      Come on, you cannot really believe that can you?

    • admin

      The sentence you quoted was referring to the budget guarantee property tax impact of 0% allowable growth. What is meant, maybe not stated clearly, is that a bill is currently in the Ways and Means committee which would pay this budget guarantee amount so that property tax payers do not have to.

      You are correct though, it’s all tax payer dollars from one source or another. House Republicans are working to limit state spending to ease tax burdens and we believe that 0% growth will help rein in spending.