House Republicans Continue With Budget Savings

House Republicans offered another $52.9 million in cost-saving measures to the education budget bill brought up in the House today.

“From day one, House Republicans promised to dive into budgets and find savings. Today we delivered on that promise for Iowans,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “Instead of funding more bureaucracy, Republicans believe we need to fund students and classrooms.”

To date, House Republicans have offered more than $200 million in cost-saving measures to budget bills. Of these, House Democrats have accepted less than $2 million.

Below is a list of amendments, a brief description and the amount of savings that were offered by House Republicans to Senate File 470, the education budget bill.

H-1553 by Raecker – Regents Library Acquisitions Page 12, line 17: For one year the Regents universities are required to spend 50% less on library acquisitions. Savings: $12 million

H-1546 by VanEngelenhoven – Executive Council approves out-of-state travel. Savings: $1 million

H-1547 by May – 20% reduction in printing, binding; 50% reduction in advertising. Savings: $3.5 million

H-1552 by Dolecheck – Eliminates all funded, unfilled FTE positions that have been open for 6 months. Savings: $700,000

H-1554 by Raecker – 50% reduction for all office supplies, service contracts, equipment purchases. Savings: $23 million

H-1555 by Tymeson – Prohibits expenditures for cell phones and PDAs for state employees. Savings: $500,000

H-1556 by Rants – Fleet purchases deferred. Savings: $11 million

H-1557 by Koester – State employees must provide meal receipts instead of claiming maximum. Agency may require electronic submission of receipts. Savings: $500,000

H-1566 by Tymeson – Identical to Wendt amendment which strikes repeal of MHEC. Savings: $450,000

H-1572 by Kaufmann and Struyk –Limit on Regents Sabbaticals. Savings: $250,000