House Republican’s New Video Streaming Project

House Republicans unveiled the new Iowa House video streaming project today. Beginning in January 2012 in time for the next legislative session, video cameras will begin streaming debate live from the floor of the Iowa House.

Iowans will be able to access the live stream when the House is in session on the General Assembly website, providing a unique opportunity to Iowa citizens to have direct access to live coverage of House debate.

“We have added another layer of transparency and openness to government,” said House Speaker Kraig Paulsen. “We want to allow Iowans easier and more convenient access to their Legislature.”

Highlights of the video streaming project include:

  • Six high-definition video cameras in the House chamber to capture debate
  • Push to talk camera activation using current microphone controls
  • Split screen video for viewing of multiple representatives debating one another
  • Linked information including bills being debated and speaking representative’s name

The initial cost of the hardware and services is approximately $130,000, however the Iowa House received an award of $100,000 from IowAccess towards the implementation. The remaining costs were paid for from House expenditure reductions in other areas. Additionally, no extra staff are required for the maintenance and support of the system.