House Republicans Put Iowans’ Suggestions in Motion

In order to bring more truth and transparency to the state budget process, House Republicans added a feature on their website designed to get Iowans’ input for budget savings. Today House Republicans followed through to implement some of those ideas.

Over the span of a month, House Republicans have received more than 500 submissions from Iowans. As part of the Republican plan to cut wasteful spending, Republicans are offering the following amendments on House File 414:

H-1093 by Reps. Raecker, Wagner and Helland increases the cut to the Executive branch by $8 million by reducing the office supply, service contracts and equipment purchases expenditure line items by $8 million.

H-1085 by Reps. Watts, Raecker, Alons requires the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission to develop a request for proposal to sell or lease the Iowa Communications Network during FY 2010.

H-1086 by Reps. Raecker, Alons, Watts prohibits the Department of Administrative Services from purchasing new vehicles for the state vehicle fleet for the remainder of FY 2009 and FY 2010.

“Republicans have been diving into budgets, weeding out waste and inefficiencies,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen. “We’ve also been listening to the ideas of Iowans. We appreciate all the ideas that we have been given and are happy to start incorporating them into real legislation.”

House File 414 is the deappropriations bill which reduces Fiscal Year 2009 general fund appropriations by $30.3 million, transfers $48 million into the general fund and makes $17.3 million of supplemental appropriations.