House Republicans React to Governor’s Budget

Today legislators received Gov. Chet Culver’s budget plan for 2010. House Republicans point to several initial concerns with the governor’s budget.

“The governor has promised not to raise taxes, yet through his budget, Iowans and employers will see tax increases. He promised to fulfill his commitments to education, yet he comes up short on funding some of those priorities. He assured Iowans he would keep our commitment to the Senior Living Trust Fund, yet he eliminates the fund altogether,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha).

House Republicans continue to stress transparency and openness in the budgeting process.

“Now that we have received the budget, count on House Republicans to dive into the details and outline savings and waste,” said Paulsen. “We’ll continue to be open and honest with Iowans about how each one of their taxpayer dollars is being spent and we will challenge any attempt to raise taxes on Iowa families during this tough economic times. As we comb through the details, we will make public our concerns about what we uncover. Republicans look forward to a bipartisan and open discussion with the governor and Democrats.

To view the budget, click here.


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