Iowa Democrats Bracing for Bloodbath in 2010 State House Elections

The University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics blog posted the first article in a series of upcoming articles taking a look at statehouse races for this upcoming election. Their first article takes a look at the tough fight Iowa Democrats have to look forward to in November.

Two particular paragraphs tell the story pretty well.

  • A Smart Politics analysis of over 2,000 elections to the Iowa State House since 1970 finds the state’s Democratic Party has set a record in 2010 for the largest number of districts in which a major political party has failed to field a House candidate since the lower chamber became a 100-seat body 40 years ago.
  • But while Democrats are struggling mightily, Iowa Republicans are boasting their strongest lineup in 30 years this November – fielding candidates in 92 House districts. This marks the GOP’s best showing since the Reagan Revolution of 1980, when Iowa Republicans ran candidates in 97 House races.

It’s a marked difference.

Read the full article at the Smart Politics website.