Iowa Health Insurance Premiums up 13 percent

Health insurance premiums in Iowa rose 13 percent, according to the latest survey of employers in the state. The annual study done by David P. Lind and Associates found that premiums for both individual and family coverage rose by 13 percent from their 2009 levels. And since 1999, insurance premiums have risen 132 percent while Iowans’ income had only risen 33 percent.

The Lind survey, which polls private and public employers of all sizes, found that the monthly premium contributions for employees had also gone up. For individual coverage, the contribution was $68 and for family coverage it was $347.

To offset the rising costs, Lind found that employers are having to make other adjustments to health coverage. Among the steps being taken were increases in plan deductibles (implemented by 29% of respondents), raising the cap on employee out of pocket costs (19%), and increasing co-payments for doctor’s office visits (15%) and prescription drugs (14%).

Lind also found that most employers do not believe the federal Health Care Reform bill will help their situation. Eighty-five percent of respondents said they did not believe the bill would control health care costs and keep insurance costs lower.