Iowa House Republican Solutions: Jobs Creation Plan

republicansolutions80,000 Iowans were out of work at the beginning of 2009. Currently, we’re approaching 115,000 Iowans out of work. In 2009, runaway state government passed budget-busting ideas and bonded its way into debt all in the name of “job creation”, only to end up with even more Iowans out of work.

Throwing taxpayer money at the problem didn’t work.

This year, Republicans have proposed a four-point plan for job growth.

  • Create a favorable climate for job growth
  • End the assault on employers
  • Stop property tax increases headed for families and businesses
  • Ensure tax credit reviews don’t result in tax increases

Last year, the Legislature convened an interim committee to find ways to save the state money. Republicans want to put the same effort into finding ways to help Iowa’s employers by eliminating and modifying regulations. Without spending a dollar, Iowa can create jobs by removing obstacles to job growth.

Recent media accounts have shown how installers of solar powered systems are struggling with government regulations. This has created an atmosphere which has ground the industry to a halt. We propose joint hearings of the Economic Growth Committees to investigate regulations that block business expansion and preservation.

Another piece of our plan is ending the assault on employers. Even the threat of increased taxes and government mandates keep employers from thriving and adding new jobs. Democrats must withdraw the following bills:

  • Ending Iowa ’s Right to Work Law
  • Open Scope Collective Bargaining
  • Doctor Shopping
  • Prevailing Wage

These bills not only fail to create jobs, the risk of their passage has already had a chilling effect on Iowa’s overall economy.

Bad budgeting led to the recent across the board budget cut. This haphazard budgeting results in increased property taxes on Iowa’s families and employers. Governor Culver and Legislative Democrats should stop passing their budgeting mistakes down to the local property taxpayer. Each time property taxes go up, fewer jobs are created. Government must stop spending more than the state collects and we need to cut back unsustainable spending plans Democrats have previously approved.

Finally, there has been a lot of talk about reviewing state tax credits. Republicans are supportive of the review, but the beneficiaries of any “savings” must be the taxpayers through broad based tax relief, NOT state coffers.

Iowans are dealing with job losses and employers are struggling to stay open, the last thing they need are higher tax bills. When a tax credit is capped or eliminated, someone’s taxes are going up. The only entity that benefits from higher taxes is government. Raising taxes is not the answer to Iowa’s budget problems.

House Republicans recognize these are just a few ideas to help kick-start our job market. Throughout the session and beyond, we will continue to develop new ideas for long term job creation in Iowa. Iowa’s best days are ahead of us. But we must have an environment that encourages employers to invest in our state and our workforce.

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