Last Session Iowa House Voted to Add K2, Saliva and Bath Salts to a List of Controlled Substances, Now CBS Uncovers Deadly Info

The House voted to add K2, salvia and bath salts to the list of schedule 1 controlled substances. Possession would be a serious misdemeanor. Possession with intent to distribute would be a Class “D” felony. The effort received broad bipartisan support except for six House Democrats who voted against the bill. You can click here (page 1004) to see how your representative voted.

This version of the bill unfortunately died without being debated in the Senate, however K2 was finally passed in the conference committee report (SF 510) (page 1274-1275) out of the Justice Systems budget bill. Possession is a serious misdemeanor and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver is an aggravated misdemeanor.

Click on link below to see CBS video:
CBS Uncovers “So-called designer drugs are turning up across the country with deadly results”