Iowa Poll: Iowans Side with House Republicans

From this week’s House Republican Newsletter:

On Sunday, April 5, the Des Moines Register released a new poll of Iowans. The poll finds the public sides with House Republicans on labor issues as well the relationship between employers and employees.

The poll asked 800 Iowans if they supported “Setting minimum pay and benefit standards for works on government building projects” (prevailing wage) and the result was 41 percent for, 50 percent against and only 9 percent not sure. This is surprising because it doesn’t mention the potential impact being the increase of property taxes or that fewer projects may be undertaken.

On the question “Should unions be allowed to charge non-union employees for the services they receive?” the result was more lopsided, with only 28 percent for and 66 percent against. It is clear that the public opposes the Democrats’ plan to dismantle the Right to Work law.

The next question was “Are labor unions in Iowa, if anything, too powerful or not powerful enough?” 46 percent said the unions were too powerful while only 38 percent said not powerful enough. Obviously the public understands that the unions help elect Democrats and now have too much power.

The poll followed with a question about employers. “Do employers generally have too much power over workers and frequently take unfair advantage, or do employers generally treat workers reasonably?” Only 33 percent said employers take unfair advantage while 62 percent said employers treat employees reasonably well. This is proof that the unions are a solution in search of a problem that does not exist.

Finally, the poll asked “Which do you think is better for Iowa? Raise the average wage even if it means some jobs are lost or encourage more jobs, even if wages are lower than the national average?” The result was overwhelming with only 28 percent saying raise wages while 65 percent said encourage job growth even if they are lower wage jobs. Once again, this is a repudiation of union propaganda.

(Note: All information for this article came from the Des Moines Register, April 5, 2009 edition)

House Republicans will continue to stand with Iowans and oppose legislation that threatens to increase the unemployment rate while doing nothing to help the 80,000 Iowans currently out of work.