Iowa Strong

We have exciting news.

Governor Branstad, Senate Republicans and House Republicans this week launched a new, united initiative that they will take to the voters ahead of election day called IOWA STRONG: Economy, Budget Leadership, Schools and Communities for Iowa families.

Iowans deserve to know where their candidates stand, and what they will do when elected, because Republicans will keep their majority in the House, and expect win back the Senate this year.

When Republicans gain a majority in the Iowa Legislature, you can count on House Republicans and Senate Republicans to work with Governor Branstad next year on these following priorities:

–Promote job creation through tax relief and reform
–Eliminate job-killing red tape and burdensome regulations
–Increase career opportunities by investing in a skilled and competitive workforce
–Send a strong message that Iowa is a place to start and grow a business

–Create certainty with balanced budgets that spend less than we take in
–Save taxpayers’ money by operating an efficient and effective government
–Implement sensible state government pay and benefits
–Encourage a stable and predictable business climate that provides certainty for job creators to begin investing and hiring.

–Advance education reforms that offer accountability, innovation and choice for parents
–Promote career readiness and opportunities for future generations to prosper in Iowa
–Fight for Iowa solutions to meet Iowa needs for affordable patient-centered health care
–Preserve the values, freedoms and liberties that are the foundation of Iowa

In the coming weeks, we will roll out additional details of our exciting IOWA STRONG initiative.

We think you’ll like what you hear and see.

Our ideas for IOWA STRONG will not only help us win the House and Senate, it will give us strong momentum next year as we continue our work to make Iowa a friendly place for our employers, ensure we have predictability and stability in Iowa government, and that we have safe, healthy communities.

As always, feel free to contact me at or (515) 281-3521.