Iowans Pay for Culver’s Mistakes

Yesterday, Gov. Culver admitted that throughout his term as governor he has made mistakes.

“I appreciate Gov. Culver’s willingness to admit mistakes, we’ve all made some,” said House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha). “But he’s yet to acknowledge one of his biggest mistakes, increasing Iowans property taxes.”

Paulsen notes that the governor knowingly spent too much money in fiscal year 2010 which lead him to recklessly make a 10 percent across the board cut. Due to that mistake, property taxpayers were forced to pick up the tab to the tune of a $526.9 million increase.

Adding to his mistakes, state spending has increased by $1 billion (nearly a 20% increase) since Gov. Culver took office. Additionally, for the next fiscal year, he has committed Iowans to $1.1 billion in spending without the ongoing revenue needed to fund it. Together, these fiscal mistakes add up to one costly problem for Iowans.

“I look forward to Gov. Culver acknowledging his fiscal mistakes and joining with House Republicans on our plan to put the taxpayer first, rein in government spending and cut out waste in government,” said Paulsen.