Iowans Submit Nearly 400 Budget Savings Ideas

From this week’s House Republican Newsletter:

On Monday, February 2, Iowa House Republicans announced the launch of a new feature on our website designed to get Iowans’ input for budget savings.

The page is located here and is part of the Republicans’ plan to bring more truth and transparency to Iowans.

As of Tuesday, February 10, over 1000 Iowans posted almost 400 budget savings ideas on the site. The House Republican Staff is pouring over all of the ideas in order to evaluate each idea. Each idea will be evaluated on whether or not it is a cost effective way to reduce government expenditures.

In addition, many ideas will require additional research to identify the potential savings. Each Friday the research staff reads the budget savings ideas posted on the website. The ideas are sorted by issue area and the appropriate staff person is then responsible for researching the suggestion. That work is being done now so a final list of cost savings ideas will be ready in time for debate on the budget.

Our plan is use the suggestions to ask questions in the budget subcommittee process, offer amendments in subcommittee and the full appropriations committee and offer amendments on the floor. The Speaker and Majority Leader have publicly committed to reviewing “every program and line item in the state budget to find waste and inefficiencies.” With that public commitment, we hope to have the opportunity to discuss several of the budget savings ideas submitted to the website in the budget subcommittees, full appropriations committee and on the House floor.

House Republicans have promised to dive into budgets to find waste and cost-saving measures. With this addition to our website, we’re hoping Iowans will help us find ways to cut costs. This feature will be a useful tool for us, and it also allows Iowans to interact more closely with their government.


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