Jobs, Savings and Certainty

In order to create quality jobs and careers for Iowans, job creators need to know our economy is stable. House Republicans have spent the session crafting and passing legislation that will continue our focus on jobs, savings and certainty for job creators and all Iowans. As we continue working through the legislative session, we remain focused on these three things:

-If you’re looking for another stimulus bill or I-JOBS plan that plunges our state in to debt, you will not find it in the House Republicans’ plan. Instead, House Republicans believe the best way to put Iowans back to work is to advance policies that create an environment that encourages employers to keep and create jobs right here in Iowa. To review these policies, visit

-Additionally, Iowa Workforce Development announced last week that Iowa’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.4% in the month of January. The last time it was this low was April of 2009 when the number was 5.3%. While this is a great first step, there is still much work to be done.

-Property tax reduction is one area where the Legislature’s action or inaction kill jobs or create an environment where employers can hire Iowans for quality jobs and careers. The House has already take action but if Senate does nothing this year to address Iowa’s serious property tax problem, a huge tax increase will be placed on homeowners and businesses. Therefore, any property tax plan that is considered must benefit everyone. To review the House Republicans’ property tax plan, visit

-Controlling government budgets by spending less than the government receives demonstrates a commitment to commonsense budgeting and economic health that Iowa employers deserve. The threat fluctuating of budgets and higher taxes needs to be removed. To review the House Republicans’ budget plan, visit

-Iowans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and it is our duty to cut out waste in government spending so our state government can be more efficient and effective. To review information on the House Republicans’ government efficiency bill, visit

-Property tax reform provides savings for individuals and businesses and it provides certainty for those same people as they plan for their futures. No longer will homeowners or business need to worry about the skyrocketing price tag on their tax bill. They will know exactly what they will pay and how much lower it will be going forward.

-Iowa’s employers must have a commitment from their government to keep spending under control so they can plan for the future and know for certain that there are no tax increases on the horizon.

-By creating a climate that encourages Iowa’s employers to grow their workforce and making government more efficient and effective, Iowans will be certain of the state’s ability to weather any impending storms.

We will continue to focus on creating jobs, savings and certainty on behalf of Iowans because that’s what they deserve and expect.

I would also like to share with you that I have filed for re-election to the Iowa House. After the new redistricting process, I will be running to represent the new district 67 which is Hiawatha, Robins and portions of Marion. It has been an honor serving the great people in district 35. I look forward to continuing to meet with Iowans in my new district and working on your behalf.

As always, feel free to contact me at (515) 281-3521 or