Labor Unions: Declining Membership Shows Labor Laws Need Modernizing

RTW states in red.

House Republicans are working this session to strengthen and constitutionally protect Iowa’s Right-to-Work law (House Joint Resolution 1).  With the Democrats trying year after year to eliminate Iowa’s status as a Right-to-Work state, it is imperative that the Legislature put RTW in our state Constitution.

While laws can be repealed any year, it is much harder to repeal an amendment to Iowa’s Constitution.  In fact, it was just in 2007 that the Democrats attempted to weaken RTW with their “Fair Share” plan.  Iowans know that we must ensure that Iowa keeps its RTW status.

House Republicans are working to build a strong economy here in Iowa, and RTW helps do just that.  In general, RTW states have much better job-growth numbers than non-RTW states.  In some cases, businesses relocate based on a state’s RTW status.

House Republicans know that RTW is a pro-growth tool to bring businesses and jobs to Iowa.  It needs constitutional protection.  The following is a study showing union’s declining membership over the years, proving that individuals want liberty in the workplace.”

Labor Unions: Declining Membership Shows Labor Laws Need Modernizing