Leader Paulsen Responds to IJOBS Report

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) responded to a recent report produced by the governor’s office regarding the IJOBS program:

“The IJOBS program was created because Gov. Culver and legislative Democrats could not control their insatiable appetite for spending.

“Borrowing money for more than 20 years to pay for a snack bar and a marquee sign is poor money management. Bathroom doors and hand-dryers are not going to prevent future flooding issues. These things do not add up to commonsense budgeting practices that Iowans expect from their elected officials.

“The truth is, the governor and Democrats spent over $6 billion and when that wasn’t enough, they sent us into debt for another $1.7 billion. They spent too much, saved too little and irresponsibly saddled us with debt.”