LSA Reports State Jobs Rise Despite Budget Problems

A post-session report released by Legislature Services Agency shows that despite Democrats claiming they reduced the size of state government, they substantially increased the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions over the past two years.

According to the LSA report, the Legislature increased the number of authorized FTE positions from an actual 52,273 in FY 2009 to an estimated 52,907 in FY 2010. That is an increase of 633.84 positions. This occurred despite the Governor’s 10 percent across the board budget reduction.

That the number of FTE positions increased by over 600 after the 10 percent ATB cut shows one just how much Democrats increased the size of the budget prior to the cut.

During the 2010 session, Democrats boasted the “largest reorganization and downsizing of state government in over 25 years”. However, according to the LSA report, they authorized an additional 194.96 FTE positions. That is not downsizing of state government but quite the opposite.

The report outlines that despite the revenue downturn and overspending that created the budget deficits of the past two fiscal years, Democrats still managed to grow state government by 828.8 FTE positions.

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The LSA report is further proof that the Democrats did not really cut the budget or reduce the size of state government but rather used other funds to increase the budget and add new FTE positions.

House Republicans believe that a real downsizing of state government is needed to reign in the cost of government and giving the taxpayers their moneys worth.

Source: (LSA FTE Final Tracking)