Making Government More Efficient and Effective

Iowans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and it is our duty to cut out waste in government spending. House Republicans have continued their efforts of listening to Iowans and digging deep into the budgets, with a line by line review to cut out waste and find efficiencies. With Iowans help, we will once again create a state budget that is efficient and effective.

House File 2434 is the House government efficiency bill which has passed out of the State Government Committee, with contributions from House Democrats, and is now in the Ways and Means committee for their consideration.

The bill, which covers a breadth of topics, is estimated to save Iowa taxpayers $19 – $25 million. Some highlights of the proposed bill include:

Department of Administrative Services—Information Technology Coordination Management
Requires the Department of Administrative Services to have a consolidation schedule submitted to the General Assembly regarding information technology consolidation

Group Health Insurance Coverage for State Employees
Requires the executive branch and the judicial branch authorities to engage in discussions with the unions about renegotiating involving health insurance coverage

Department of Natural Resources—Sale of Real Property
Requires the DNR to identify and sell property equal to $20 million. Any land sold cannot be state park or state forest land. The DNR currently has 360,000 acres ($20 million would be approximately 5,000 acres or 1.4% of their land). This will get the state out of being a landlord and puts Iowa farmland back under the ownership of Iowans

Food Assistance Program—Authority to Restrict Use of Benefits
Requires the Department of Human Services to request authorization for a waiver from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for authorization for DHS to restrict the use of food stamps to purchase food with low nutritional value

State Department and Agency Limitations on Mail
Agencies will use email notices as much as possible.

Boards and Commissions
Elimination and streamlining of state boards and commissions including:
-Repeal Film Tax Credit
-Eliminate I-Jobs Board
-Eliminate the Mental Health Risk Pool Board put the duties of that board with the Mental Health and Disability Services Commission
-Eliminate Farmworks Matching Funds under 15.112
-Eliminate State Records Commission

IPERS/Per Diem
Excludes per diem payments and daily allowance payments from the IPERS covered wages for the purpose of determining contributions from the employer and employee and the payment of benefits for the members of the General Assembly

State Employee Health Care
Requires state employees who are married to go on to one health care plan instead of two separate plans

There is still time to submit ideas for government savings or efficiencies. You can visit to share your ideas with legislators.

Iowans deserve and expect a state government that uses their tax dollars wisely. House Republicans are committed to making sure state government is efficient and effective.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or at (515) 281-3521.