Stan Gustafson >> Biography (House District 25)

3139 Cumming Road
Cumming, Iowa 50061

Home: (515) 559.4702

DOB: 5/7/1942
Spouse: Betty



Stan graduated from high school in California and then attended the University of California at Berkeley, graduating with a degree in finance.  After graduation, his participation in Navel ROTC led him to a 2nd Lieutenant Commission in the Marine Corps.  He served in Vietnam and after completing his tour overseas, he participated in the Reserves for the next 23 years, retiring as a Lt. Colonel.

Once back stateside, Gustafson used the GI Bill to attend law school at night while working for Mattel Toys in California.  Eventually he opened his own practice focusing on International Law.  He enjoyed a long and successful career.  Upon retirement, he and his wife, Betty, a native of Dallas County, moved back to Cumming to be closer to their grandchildren.

Gustafson has participated in Veteran activities in California and in Iowa.  He is a member of the Iowa Veterans Council.