NEEDED: 5,000 Teddy Bears

National Guard Officers Look for Help with “Bear Hug” Project

The Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary (INGOAux) is putting the call out for help to fund their “Bear Hug” project, which they have been doing since 2001. The project involves assembling and distributing custom-made Teddy Bears for each child, under the age of 12, of a deployed Iowa soldier or airman. The Teddy Bear serves as a source of comfort and a link to the parent from whom children will be separated.

As the Iowa National Guard Faces the largest deployment since World War II in the fall of 2010, the INGOAux needs to raise $30,000 to help provide a Teddy Bear for the 5,000 children who will be affected by this deployment. Each Teddy Bear costs $6. The “Bear Hug” project is just the beginning of the services the INGOAux strives to provide to military families.

Some House Republican members are putting out press releases in their district to spread the word. To help the INGOAux provide a bit of comfort to the families who are providing the ultimate service to our state and our nation, please contact the Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary on the web at, by email at kathy_pierce at, or by mailing a check to:

Polk County Bank
PO Box 79
Polk City, IA 50226