New House Members Participating in Debate

With the bulk amount of committee work done for the 2013 Session, the House has moved to floor debate.  This week, several freshmen members have been managing bills on the floor of the House during debate.  Below are some pictures of new members running their legislation on the floor.

kaufmann candid

Rep. Bobby Kaufmann (Wilton) during debate on House File 219, an bill regarding eminent domain authority and procedures.

salmon candid

Rep. Sandy Salmon (Janesville) during discussion on House File 222, an bill regarding confidentiality of information filed with the court for the purpose of obtaining an arrest warrant.

costello candid

Rep. Mark Costello (Imogene) explaining House File 350 which deals with absentee voting at County Auditors offices.

stanerson candid

Rep. Quentin Stanerson (Center Point) during debate of House File 381 which deals with dosage amounts of phenylbutazone given in horse races.

taylor candid

Rep. Rob Taylor (West Des Moines) during debate on House File 488 regarding the Alcoholic Beverages Division of the Department of Commerce.

  • Phil Condo

    Good Job ~ Rob !! PJC