News Briefing

  • Iowa House passes ban on abortion after 20 weeks, dropping ‘heartbeat’ measure:  GAZETTE
  • Branstad hopes fiscal 2018 budget accord close to his plan:  QCTIMES
  • GOP lawmakers likely to go lower than governor’s revised budget plan:  RADIOIOWA
  • Funding bleak for Iowa universities:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa House roundup: Fireworks, impaired driving bills advance:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa Capitol Digest: Lawmakers honor ‘Iowa’s Betsy Ross’:  QCTIMES
  • Feds’ tab could hit $225 million to help Medicaid firms cover Iowa losses:  REGISTER
  • Iowa regulator’s confirmation delayed after AP report:  AP
  • Iowa Republicans in Congress voted to repeal internet privacy rules:  GAZETTE
  • Pharmacies start selling heroin antidote without prescription:  REGISTER
  • Lee County passes minimum wage increase:  RADIOIOWA
  • Johnson County prepares for minimum wage pre-emption:  GAZETTE
  • ‘Where’s my money?’ Iowa taxpayers wonder as anti-fraud security causes refund delays:  GAZETTE