News Briefing

Iowa politicians scuffle over Medicaid plan; former Gov. Culver weighs in: GAZETTE
Culver, Democrats defend antiquated Medicaid system:  REGISTER OP ED
Governor: Democrat attempts to stop Medicaid privatization are ‘outrageous, political’:  RADIOIOWA
Traffic camera bill faces yellow light:  GAZETTE
Branstad announces plans for Future Ready summit:  WCFCOURIER
Branstad addresses state’s skills gap:  QCTIMES
Legislators consider raising speed limit:  REGISTER
State board hears oil pipeline case:  WCFCOURIER
Dozens of domestic abusers guilty of violating Iowa gun ban:  QCTIMES
Iowa Attorney General’s Office launches rape kit audit:  GAZETTE
Iowa part of mortgage settlement with HSBC Bank:  RADIOIOWA
Davenport School Board follows Tate’s lead, risks legal action:  QCTIMES
University of Iowa recovers lost goat:  GAZETTE