News Briefing

  • Iowa Poll: Most approve of job Reynolds is doing, but nearly half want another governor:  REGISTER
  • Iowans diverge whether state is on right track:  QCTIMES
  • Iowa Lawmakers see need for sales tax collection equity:  GAZETTE
  • Senate Adviser wants Human Resources staffer to address sexual harassment at Iowa Capitol:  GAZETTE
  • Senate Advisor: ‘professionalism at the capitol’ the goal of reform:  RADIOIOWA
  • Few changes planned for armed visitors at Des Moines Capitol building:  GAZETTE
  • Caucus Watch 2020!  In major reform, 2020 Iowa caucuses would include absentee voting, public vote totals:  REGISTER
  • More Iowans opting for ‘health sharing ministries’ as alternative to increasingly pricey insurance:  REGISTER
  • Medical marijuana producer MedPharm estimates 6,000 Iowans as customers:  GAZETTE
  • While Iowa pushes STEM, job growth mostly in technology:  WCFCOURIER
  • Steve King: Diversity not an American strength; ‘mixing cultures’ leads to lower quality life:  SCJOURNAL
  • Election 2018!  Dems call on Reynolds to disassociate from King after ‘Diversity is not our strength’ tweet:  REGISTER
  • Iowa higher education braces for federal tax overhaul consequences:  GAZETTE
  • Grassley netted nearly $370,000 in farm subsidies, environmental group says:  REGISTER
  • Iowa’s fireworks sales can resume Sunday – but will they?:  GAZETTE
  • Election 2018!  What interests voters? Hundreds came one night to talk about Iowa’s health mental health care:  MURPHY
  • Iowa water quality group fundraising to reduce runoff:  AP
  • State approves Linn County redistricting plan:  GAZETTE
  • Mason City officials are optimistic about state funding for downtown plan:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Special investigation details misuse of funds at Oskaloosa animal shelter:  RADIOIOWA
  • Astronaut Peggy Whitson is guest of honor at Celebrate Iowa Gala:  RADIOIOWA