News Briefing

Iowa lawmakers set state budget at $7.351 billion for next fiscal year:  GAZETTE
Iowa House plan separates school infrastructure, water quality funding: SCJOURNAL
Iowa Senate votes to legalize gun suppressors:  GAZETTE
ICE director questioned about death of Iowa woman:  RADIOIOWA
Medicaid oversight legislation resurfaces:  GLOBEGAZETTE
Bakken pipeline firm seeks expedited construction permit:  REGISTER
Branstad proclaims Clinton County disaster area:  QCTIMES
Mental health care advocate: system failed her slain friend:  RADIOIOWA
Capitol digest: High court to hear ex-Dunkerton student’s case:  WCFCOURIER
Are online sales growing in Iowa?:  RADIOIOWA
Bertrand: Des Moines ‘power brokers’ aren’t fueling his challenge of King: SCJOURNAL
Patty Judge officially joins Iowa’s 2016 U.S. Senate race:  GAZETTE
Justice, Not Politics leaders lobby Grassley on Judge Garland:  RADIOIOWA
Morris, Iowa State race past Iona:  QCTIMES