News Briefing – August 6, 2013

  • State Auditor Commends State Budget Plan but Raises Transparency Concerns:  RADIO IOWA
  • University of Iowa is Number One Party School in New List:  GAZETTE
  • Farm Fields Starting to Get Dry Again:  RADIO IOWA
  • Congressman King Criticizes Embassy Closures Saying Reputation of US Harmed:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa CCI Protestors Object to Governors Conduct of EPA Negotiations:  RADIO IOWA
  • New Online System for Job Openings in All Iowa Public Schools:  RADIO IOWA
  • Governor Will Try Again to Reign in Early School Start Dates:  RADIO IOWA
  • Lack of New Farm Bill Leaves Farmers without Information to Plan Ahead:  RADIO IOWA
  • Eastern Iowa Ammunition Shortage Improving But Not a Lot:  GAZETTE
  • Parents Spending Less on School Supplies:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa State Offers Students $1,000 to Leave Dorms:  WCFCOURIER
  • Iowa GOP Chair Supports Pulling Clinton Programs:  WCFCOURIER
  • Senator Ted Cruz to Headline Iowa GOP Dinner in October:  WCFCOURIER
  • Inspectors to Conduct Walkthrough of State Fair Midway:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • False Alarms Generate Revenue for Some Cities:  GLOBEGAZETTE