News Briefing – February 25, 2013

  • Iowa gas-tax debate gaining speed:  GAZETTE
  • Huckabee warns against moderating GOP message:  RADIO IOWA
  • Analyst says figuring out gas price increase isn’t easy:  RADIO IOWA
  • Online video games a vehicle for criminals in Iowa:  GAZETTE
  • Cedar Rapids casino investors not getting free land deal:  GAZETTE
  • Elderbridge advocates say funding cuts could reduce elder services:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Johnson County fighting tax-district losses by bonding:  GAZETTE
  • How automatic budget cuts could affect Iowa:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Waterloo board of ed to consider early retirement incentive:  WCFCOURIER
  • Branstad affirms no Medicaid expansion:  QCTIMES
  • ISEA, school board officials say money for education reforms falls short:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Counties face mounting bridge replacement backlog:  SCJOURNAL

    While the politicians argue and debate, and continue paying “politics”, there are over two million unemployed workers, without an unemployment extension, without any means of support. While the political elite went on their vacations, they left behind these worried unemployed people not knowing if and when an extension would occur. Where is the compassion and common decency of these politicians, to not help these workers, who by no fault of their own, had loss their jobs. In spite of the Republican Party’s name blaming and labeling these workers as “Lazy” and unwilling to work, the problem was due to the poor economy, which is the direct fault of corporate greed and soulless bankers without integrity. Our government found the financial means to bail out these corporate pirates, and financiers, on the backs of the hard working people of this country. Now, when these hard working citizens need assistance, they’re told that it can’t be given due to budgetary reasons. How exactly does the party who prides itself as the party for “family values” explain the reasons for lacking these same values? Please tell the American people, just how come there is money for corporate welfare and foreign aid, but not for the tax payers? When did the term “Public Servant”, change with our politicians? We are no longer govern by moral men and women who felt it their duty to represent the people of our land. We are not saturated with career, self- serving, self important, opportunists, out for personal gain and status. I hope that in the coming election, the American public, will make huge changes in the political sector. It’s time to vote these career politicians out of office for good, and finally elect quality people with integrity and compassion for their constituents. Shame on the Republican Party for not extending the unemployment benefits to these poor individuals. There is no excuse for their decision, neither political or otherwise