News Briefing – March 20, 2013

  • Plan to cut commercial property taxes advances in Iowa House:  GAZETTE
  • Senate passes ‘buy Iowa’ bill again:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa health care group takes Medicaid fight to Washington:  WCFCOURIER
  • Bill would let Iowa chronic gamblers pick their own banning period:  GAZETTE
  • Senator says nominee would be ‘political poison’ for Board of Regents:  RADIO IOWA
  • Sales tax exemption sought for off-duty Iowa cops providing security:  GAZETTE
  • Lawmaker proposes change in registration fees for electric cars:  RADIO IOWA
  • Officials:  Ft. Madison penitentiary on lockdown:  QCTIMES
  • Sen. Rand Paul to headline Iowa GOP fundraiser:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • IL, IA could bid on fertilizer facility:  QCTIMES
  • State senators seeks abortion restrictions:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Hearing shows no support for repeal of Iowa smart planning principles:  QCTIMES