News Briefing – March 25, 2015

  • No progress on school funding:  QCTIMES
  • Another meeting, but no end in sight to statehouse stalemate:  RADIOIOWA
  • CAUCUS WATCH!  After scores of Iowa visits, most presidential hopefuls officially not running:  GAZETTE
  • DHS chief faces uncertain vote in Iowa Senate:  RADIOIOWA
  • Iowa honey production dips to five year low:  RADIOIOWA
  • Iowa Senate approves teen tanning bed ban:  RADIOIOWA
  • Consultant to study I380 congestion improvements: GAZETTE
  • Iowa Air National Guard opens first recurring office outside of base:  RADIOIOWA
  • Seeking middle ground on right to assistance bill:  GAZETTE
  • Students explore STEM with Lt. Gov:  WCFCOURIER
  • House bill would set statewide regulation of Uber transportation network companies:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa House passes Aug 23 start date:  QCTIMES
  • AIB student body shrinks:  GAZETTE
  • Sioux City summer programs consider extension with school start date in limbo: SCJOURNAL