News Briefing – March 26, 2014

  • Braley warns Grassley, “Iowa farmer who never went to law school,” could be next Judiciary chair:  RADIO IOWA
  • Legislators ponder tax credit for student loan payments:  RADIO IOWA
  • CR schools to drop trimesters, Iowa City explores the same:  GAZETTE
  • Study:  Hospitals have $6B impact in Iowa:  GAZETTE
  • Borlaug statue unveiled at US capitol:  RADIO IOWA
  • Disease driving red hot hog market:  GAZETTE
  • UI report:  Many older Americans ill prepared for natural disasters:  GAZETTE
  • House:  Pets, property can be protected:  WCFCOURIER
  • Supporters to push constitutional carry measure:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Election ’14:  Hatch proposes medical marijuana law change:  QCTIMES