News Briefing-Monday, August 27, 2012

  • Election ’12: Eastern Iowans to play a role in Republican National Convention: GAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Ron Paul backers from Iowa see storm brewing within GOP: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Do political conventions still matter?: GAZETTE
  • Thousands expected for farm progress show in Boone: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Romney advocates note flaws in Obama Medicare strategy: WCFCOURIER
  • Iowa education reform in works for years: QCTIMES
  • Interest strong in new license for Sioux City casino; RADIO IOWA
  • Report: Iowa school bus inspection system has gaps: QCTIMES
  • ICCI not backing off aggressive approach: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: Obama, Romney appear behind enemy lines in Iowa: GAZETTE
  • Election ’12: Don’t politicize Iowa courts: WCFCOURIER
  • National conservation program celebrates 75 years of success: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Corrections agency proposes funding, staffing increases: GLOBEGAZETTE