News Briefing – November 23, 2015

  • Challenges ahead as Upmeyer set to make history:  SCJOURNAL
  • State unemployment rate hits ‘full employment’ level in October:  RADIOIOWA
  • ‘Coarsening’ of America a concern raised by 7 GOP candidates:  RADIOIOWA
  • Snow totals Saturday break record:  GAZETTE
  • Caucus Watch!  Fiorina, Carson talk about an America on decline in Wilton: QCTIMES
  • State sees decline in substance abuse among young:  WCFCOURIER
  • State approves incentives for businesses in central Iowa, Quad Cities: RADIOIOWA
  • Caucus Watch!  Ted Cruz seeks tough action after Paris terror bombings: SCJOURNAL
  • Caucus Watch!  Republicans accuse Obama of going soft on Islamic State: WCFCOURIER
  • Review shows annual cost of care at four state Mental Health Institutes: RADIOIOWA
  • Rural hospitals worry Medicaid transition could end essential funding:  GAZETTE
  • Caucus Watch!  Rand Paul: Polls underestimate strength of his campaign: GAZETTE
  • Effectiveness of college threat assessment teams is debated:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Clinton hits pocketbook issues during campaign stop in Clinton:  QCTIMES