News Briefing – November 9, 2015

  • Iowa sees need for apprenticeships in more fields:  GAZETTE
  • Federal agency cites concerns over Iowa Medicaid transition:  GAZETTE
  • Paulsen to help launch new initiative at ISU:  REGISTER
  • After 12 years, King says he’s done plenty in House; Critics question his effectiveness:  SCJOURNAL
  • After 12,000 votes, Grassley would take back some, not others:  WCFCOURIER
  • Caucus Watch!  Quest for religious freedom brings thousands to Iowa:  QCTIMES
  • Caucus Watch!  Huckabee says electing a political novice president is ‘a little absurd’:  RADIOIOWA
  • Caucus Watch!  Cruz calls Obama decision on pipeline ‘cold and cynical’: RADIOIOWA
  • Lawsuits delay decisions on Sioux City traffic cameras:  SCJOURNAL
  • Caucus Watch!  Debates create their own controversy:  QCTIMES
  • Zirkelbach is 4th Democrat to challenge Grassley for U.S. Senate seat: SCJOURNAL
  • University of Iowa to provide free mumps vaccine to students:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Coalition works to boost access for senior citizens:  GAZETTE
  • Poultry production may not be fully back from bird flu until 2017:  RADIOIOWA
  • Caucus Watch!  We must build on progress, O’Malley tells Linn crowd: GAZETTE