News Briefing – October 14, 2013

  • State Budget Outlook Remains Challenging:  QC TIMES
  • Transportation Commission Approves Rail and Trail Projects:  RADIO IOWA
  • Congressman King Says October 17 Not a Default Date:  RADIO IOWA
  • Former Congressman Says Government Shutdown Should Spark Calls for Campaign Finance Reform:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Veterans Won’t Let Government Shutdown Stop Their Honor Flight:  RADIO IOWA
  • DHS Says 17th Baby Turned Over Under Safe Haven Law:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Lottery Salary Survey Shows Most Top Managers Paid More than Comparable State Jobs:  RADIO IOWA
  • Audit Reveals Issues with Department of Education Grants:  GAZETTE
  • Supreme Court Rules Local Law Officers Aren’t Always Covered by State Immunity:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Democratic Gubernatorial Hopefuls Call for Expanding Government:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa Cancer Researcher Denied Federal Funds but Gets Grant Instead:  GAZETTE
  • Branstad Continues to Work on Bullying Prevention:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Implements Workaround for Food Stamp Outage:  WCF COURIER
  • Out of State Workers Hired to Build Iowa Prison:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Rep Wants Sex Offender Registry Laws Changed:  WCF COURIER
  • StudentsFirst Says Its Work Just Beginning:  QC TIMES