News Briefing – September 10, 2013

  • Homeschool Advocates Score Major Victory in Iowa:  QC TIMES
  • Deere to Being Building Larger Tractors in Brazil:  RADIO IOWA
  • Marion Looks to Turn Garbage into Fuel for City Vehicles:  RADIO IOWA
  • King Congratulates Egyptians for Overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood’s Government:  RADIO IOWA
  • Branstad Says Ex-Public Safety Commissioner Given Plenty of Chances to Succeed:  RADIO IOWA
  • Assistance Available with Phone Bills through Lifeline:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa to Host Next Year’s Midwest US Japan Annual Meeting:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Politicians Celebrate Victory for Olympic Wrestling:  RADIO IOWA
  • Marion Retiree, Iowa Insurance Commissioner Warn Seniors about Fraud:  GAZETTE
  • Iowans Visiting Japan at a Good Time, Branstad Says:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa Educators Training for New Literacy Program:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Senate Panel to Weigh Juvenile Home Problems:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Insurance Division Promotes Health Exchange:  WCF COURIER
  • Statewide Reading Push Under Way:  GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Council to Stay out of Iowa Police Academy Issues:  SC JOURNAL