News Briefing – September 25, 2013

  • More Schools Fail Federal Education Marks that State Director Calls Arbitrary:  RADIO IOWA
  • Flood Insurance Premiums Jumping for Thousands of Iowans:  GAZETTE
  • Senator Grassley Wants Full Review of Government Spying:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Lottery Looks at Moving Headquarters as Sales Stay Strong:  RADIO IOWA
  • Congressman King Laughs off Idea He’ll Face GOP Primary Challenge in 2016:  RADIO IOWA
  • US Census Data Indicates Nearly Half of Iowa’s Workforce Has Some Sort of Disability:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa Executive Council Authorized $1.5 Million for Private Attorneys:  GAZETTE
  • Many Questions Surround Affordable Care Act, State Specific Insurance Exchanges:  GAZETTE
  • Some Coralville Candidates Say TIF Critics Offered Them Financial Campaign Support:  GAZETTE
  • King Says Pressure of Farm Bill Expiration ‘a Good Thing’:  RADIO IOWA
  • Wells Fargo to Lay Off 263 Des Moines Area Workers:  WCF COURIER
  • Attorney General Joins Effort against E-Cigarettes:  WCF COURIER
  • Democrats Critical of Branstad Fundraising:  QC TIMES