News Briefing – September 25, 2014

  • For some, Cedar Rapids traffic cameras’ value still unproven:  GAZETTE
  • Sioux City school shows off anti-bullying measures:  RADIOIOWA
  • Audit:  SOS aids were overpaid:  QCTIMES
  • Environmental Defense Fund exploring impact of climate on birds:  RADIOIOWA
  • Cedar Rapids agrees to flood-protection contract:  GAZETTE
  • Workforce Development given money to upgrade unemployment payment system:  RADIOIOWA
  • College enrollment drops nationally:  GAZETTE
  • Election ’14:  Hatch says he wouldn’t have made $110M deal with Egyptian fertilizer firm:  GAZETTE
  • Branstad statewide tour focuses on reducing bullying:  GAZETTE
  • Iowa bars Tesla Motors from offering test drives:  QCTIMES
  • Three Iowa senators take on $77 a day minimum wage challenge:  GAZETTE
  • Election ’14:  Lower voting age not a priority for Iowa SOS candidates:  GAZETTE
  • New state lottery game linked to tv show coming to Iowa:  GLOBEGAZETTE