News Briefing – September 5, 2013

  • Regents to Ask for Funding for 2nd Year of Tuition Freeze, Hold Public Hearing:  RADIO IOWA
  • Health Department Issues Warning About Binge Drinking:  RADIO IOWA
  • Governor Says Ex-DPS Commissioner Sparked Significant Controversy:  RADIO IOWA
  • Governor Names Brenna Findley Interim Chief of Staff:  RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa GOP Hopeful Clovis Seeks Direct Engagement with Braley:  GAZETTE
  • Linn County Supervisors Officially Appealing DNR Decision on Hog Facility:  GAZETTE
  • ACLU Renews Lawsuit to Stop Voter Removal Rule:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Board Holds onto Abortion Pill System Report:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Car Dealerships Say Dozens of Air Bags Stolen:  WCF COURIER
  • Iowa Health Insurance Exchange Price Info Delayed:  SC JOURNAL