News Briefing-Tuesday, April 17, 2012

  • Lawmakers agree they’ll pass scheduled adjournment: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Obama ed chief to appear in Iowa: WCF COURIER
  • Professor beats Iowa ed official in ACT: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Three conservatives plan final push for abortion ban: RADIO IOWA
  • Sister: bullying lead to teens death: SCJOURNAL
  • State senator, husband injured during storm clean up: RADIO IOWA
  • Congressional candidates release financial reports: QC TIMES
  • State auditor questions Lottery salary decisions: QC TIMES
  • State sponsors a ‘code-a-thon’ for computer aps: RADIO IOWA
  • Exhibition focuses on Iowa’s role in Civil War: QC TIMES
  • Warm weather lures Iowa anglers: SCJOURNAL
  • Regents ‘tuition set aside’ is wrong: REGISTER