News Briefing-Tuesday, July 17, 2012

  • Branstad commutes life sentences for 38 Iowa juvenile murders: GAZETTE
  • Weather and bugs causing stress on the corn and bean crops: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Lange, Braley spar over pledge to reject lobbyist contributions: WCFCOURIER
  • Peregrine defaults on Iowa jobs deal: QCTIMES
  • Branstad to discuss drought with farmers: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Braley asks why federal regulators so easily fooled by Wasendorf: RADIO IOWA
  • Iowa fire marshal warns of increased fire risk: QCTIMES
  • External funding for ISU reaches $360M: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Feds deny payment info in Iowa jobs scandal: SCJOURNAL
  • Election ’12: Loebsack leads 2nd district fundraising race: SCJOURNAL
  • Election ’12: Vilsack against individual mandate in health care act: GLOBEGAZETTE