News Briefing-Wednesday, August 22, 2012

  • Iowa students still second highest-achieving group of test takers in the nation: GAZETTE
    “We don’t think it’s right to be satisfied with that,” he said. “There’s a reason to be happy for the positive results that we’re seeing. There’s also reason to be concerned that we’re feeling like we’re leaving a substantial amount of students behind.”
  • Local option taxes fund new schools for area districts: GAZETTE
  • Iowa teacher given award at White House: RADIO IOWA
  • Agency to turn methane gas from landfill into electricity and heat: GAZETTE
  • Election ’12: King blasts ‘liberal press’ and disavows Akin’s ‘medical theory’: RADIO IOWA
  • Election ’12: Romney supporters in Iowa say Medicare must be preserved: GAZETTE
  • Stolen medals replaced for wounded Sioux City vet: SCJOURNAL
  • Election ’12: Stop playing games with wind power: GAZETTE
  • Information board boss: goal is to resolve issue: QCTIMES
  • Health care advocates hopeful of Medicaid expansion: QCTIMES
  • Branstad lauds growth at Polaris plant in Spirit Lake: SCJOURNAL
  • Polk County adds $50M conservation bond to ballot: QCTIMES
  • Election ’12: GOP targets Obamacare in Iowa: QCTIMES
  • Iowa can, should strive for better on child care inspections: SCJOURNAL
  • ACT report shows 30% of graduates ready for all college level courses: RADIO IOWA