News Briefing-Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  • Creighton report shows continuing strength in Iowa economy: RADIO IOWA
  • Congressman: all children need bus safety: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Senate D’s ok earmark to keep Price Lab schools open for one more year: WCF COURIER
  • Statewide domestic violence alert program is operational: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • UI receives $6.7M from FEMA for flood: WCFCOURIER
  • Senate likely to axe special legislation for Cedar Rapids doctor: GLOBEGAZETTE
  • Iowa Senate leader squelches debate on traffic cameras: GAZETTE
  • Branstad to lead trade mission this summer: GAZETTE
  • First four months of 2012 warmest ever according to state records: RADIO IOWA
  • Polk County may get speed cameras for rural areas: QC TIMES
  • Romney video accuses Obama of not delivering the economy he forecasted: REGISTER
  • Planting progress spurs optimism about a good crop: RADIO IOWA
  • No snow April bringing problems for farmers: SCJOURNAL
  • Don’t leave Capitol until work is done: REGISTER
  • Keep at the state budget until it’s done: SCJOURNAL