No “Adult Chocolate Milk” in Iowa

Recently, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission denied an appeal by the makers of “Adult Chocolate Milk” to sell the product in Iowa. Manufacturers had appealed to the commission after the Alcoholic Beverages Division staff previously denied the manufacturer’s request to list Adult Chocolate Milk.
The 40-proof ready-to-drink product comes in a bottle reminiscent of an old glass milk bottle. It does not need to be refrigerated and it meant to be kept with other liquors.

One of the main reasons cited for denial of the listing was the name and marketing of the product. It was thought too similar to actual chocolate milk that children drink regularly.

Presently, the division has about 1,400 products listed on its inventory. New products are considered every month (with the exception of October, November and December). Division staff reviews anywhere from five to 35 new products each month.

Adult Chocolate Milk is on shelves in surrounding states like Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and several others. It is not however, for sale in most “control” states like Iowa.
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