Lawmakers Privileges – The Facts

This Sunday The Des Moines Register ran an editorial which omitted facts relevant to the argument the Register presented. Republicans in the Iowa House have voted on at least five occasions to have all state employees, including legislators, contribute at least $100 a month towards their own health insurance.

Those votes took place on H-1735 in 2009 and on HF 45, H-1097, SF 209 and HF 697 in 2011. Republicans also voted to reduce their own pay in 2009 on H-1734. The Register conveniently left these facts out of the editorial. Click here to see the full article.

Below are the page numbers to votes in the journal:

Vote to cut our pay:

  • H-1734 to SF 478, 4-25-09, HJ 2068

Votes on health insurance:

  • Joe Smith

    The point was that legislators are part time, so they should not be covered by the benefits available to full time employees of the state.

  • Jill Smith

    Really — part time? So which part of the time aren’t they working? I want to make sure I call them with my problem when they’re working.

    The point is, while they may be in session part of the year, they work full time.

  • Joe Smith

    All of the part time employees have to respond when they are called upon. It does not change the fact that they are part time. If they want to consider themselves full time than ban secondary employment so they can focus on the peoples work.