Park Projects Selected to use $40-million in I-JOBS Moneys

ijobslogoOn Friday, December 4, 2009, the Iowa Parks Foundation issued a talking point paper and associated excel spreadsheet listing the types, locations and amounts of I-JOBS bonded funds used on various Iowa Park and trails in the upcoming year. The spreadsheet listed specific project targets for $40 million in I-JOBS money. $8 million of those funds are expended for Engineering, Design, and Inspection functions.

Other major categories of projects funded by the I-JOBS monies include:

  • $4,737,00 for signage principally for portal entrances and trailheads;
  • $2,070,00 for interpretive service and technology including iPod downloads and virtual tours at $75,000 per park (Backbone, Waubonsie, Pikes Peak, Maquoketa Caves, Stone, Ledges, Palisades Kepler, and Lewis & Clark) and 51 new open air interpretative shelters/panel at ~$37,000 a piece in 51 state parks;
  • $6,625,000 for trail connections (Lake Darling to Brighton; Lake Anita to finish trail around lake to town, Big Creek Neal Smith trail replacement, and 15- trail brides statewide);
  • $4,188,000 for camping pad electrical hook up upgrades and new;
  • $2,550,000 for 15 shower building replacements;
  • $1,353,500 for wastewater treatment upgrades at 8 parks; $549,800 for drinking water upgrades at 5 parks (Lake McBride, Lewis & Clark, Volga overlook & equine camp, Waubonsie, and Wildcat Den);
  • $340,000 for campground restrooms at 9 parks; $148,000 beach buoy and life line replacements statewide;
  • $700,000 for concession buildings and equipment at Lake Wapello and Brushy Creek;
  • $800,000 for historic structure restoration involving MiniWakan, and Lacey Keosauqua CCC beach building;
  • $638,000 for new picnic shelters at 7 parks;
  • $480,000 for restrooms at 7 parks;
  • $1,650,000 for 22 year-round family cabins (Brushy Creek-10, Lake Ahquabi-5, Springbrook-4, and Volga Recreation Area-3) $2.4-million for two year round lodges (Waubonsie renovation, Brush Creek parking and utilities); $2-million for beach buildings at Brushy Creek and Volga;
  • $270,000 playscapes at 6 parks;
  • $300,000 for 4-visitor contact stations (Backbone, Brushy Creek, Volga Recreation Area, and Pleasant Creek).

Specific project details can be accessed with the following file:

Iowa Park Projects 2009