Paulsen Issues Statement on Governor’s Vetoes

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Culver’s recent vetoes and budget bill signings:

“After all the talk of budget cuts and not raising taxes, it’s very regrettable the governor failed to use his veto pen to protect Iowans’ pocketbooks. This governor just finished signing significant overspending and what amounts to the largest general fund spending in the history of Iowa. Furthermore, it raises multiple fees and will definitely result in Iowans paying more in property taxes. During these tough economic times we should be looking for ways to help Iowans keep more of their money.”

Fact Check:

  • SF 478, the Standings Appropriations bill, included a provision to allow a city to assess a franchise fee based upon a percentage of gross revenues generated from sales of the franchisee within the city not to exceed 5%. Franchise fees collected shall be credited to the franchise fee account within the city’s general fund.
  • SF 465 increased the filing fee in the each county recorders’ office by $2 per document in order to redact a social security number and credit card number off land records.
  • SF 218 Allowable Growth for FY11. The property tax increase will be $58 million.
  • SF 81 created $30 million in new property taxing authority for Iowa schools.