Paulsen Optimistic About Republicans Future In The Iowa House

The Iowa Republican posted an article of an interview they did with House Republican Leader, Kraig Paulsen. Start reading the article below:

After being selected in late December to lead the Republican caucus in the Iowa House of Representatives, Rep. Kraig Paulsen is now focused on regaining control of the chamber with the 2010 elections. Paulsen sat down with the Iowa Republican recently to discuss his new role as minority leader, the legislative session that concluded at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and what the future holds for House Republicans.

When lawmakers returned to Des Moines in January to start the new legislative session, Democrats were all aglow about newly-elected President Barak Obama, who won Iowa handedly, and they were also celebrating large majorities in the Iowa House and Senate. Iowa’s political pundits believed that there was nothing Republicans could do to slow down or stop Democrats from advancing their agenda.

The pundits were wrong because the Democrats’ agenda didn’t sail through the legislative process. House Democrats were unable to pass prevailing wage, choice of doctor, and the repeal of federal deductibility, despite Governor Chet Culver’s pledge to help find the needed votes to pass these pieces of legislation.

That’s not to say however, that House Democrats were unable to pass anything significant. Democrats passed a huge budget, along witha bill allowing the state to borrow $765 million, which taxpayers will be asked to pay back over the next 20 years. With only 44 Republican members in the Iowa House, Paulsen, with a lot of help from six moderate Democrats, was able to stop a large part of the Democrats’ agenda from becoming law.

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